ImaSuper is a member of OneNation.

STATS (3/17/2017):

145 Demons

6,9K stars

3,7K diamonds

1,4K user coins

Q&A Edit

Your current hardest demon? DiabolicForce by Dorami.

What's your GPU? Asus AMD RX460 2GB OC (Dual)

What's your CPU? Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz

Any streams? Yes, but OBS settings are screwed up and the output is 240p-ish and low framerate.

How many Hz? 60Hz, and I will buy a 144Hz monitor this summer (2017).

Trivia Edit

  • He hasn't done all map packs.
  • He doesn't really like Insane rated levels.
  • He keeps modifying ancientanubis' name.
  • He's creating a bunch of levels and leave them rot, like the largest part of the community.

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