Jweet4444 is a member of OneNation. He has taken part in uNation and White Hot. He is also a buffer and a backup in Clubstep V3. He hails from America.


  • uNation
  • White Hot
  • Dr. Finklefraken
  • Forever Cosmos
  • Base Before Base
  • MLG Craze
  • MLG Craze II
  • Wave Challenge
  • Challenge Dorami
  • Blood Moon (Not verified)
  • BP Night (buffed and nerfed) (original by RA7)

    Jweet4444's Part in uNation.


  • Jweet4444 quit 7 months ago but came about 4 months ago.
  • Jweet4444's favorite demon level is either Phobos or ABP.
  • Jweet4444 has an Everyplay account but hasn't posted on it in 11 months.
  • Jweet4444's most popular level, MLG Craze was created in celebration of 100 Everyplay followers.
  • Jweet4444 currently has 2000 stars and 28 demons.
  • Jweet4444 mostly plays on mobile but has Steam as well.
  • Jweet4444's favorite GD player is Trusta.
  • Jweet4444 loves Doctor Who and Harry Potter hence his wikia account name Allonsy potter.
  • Jweet4444 has beaten The Lightning Road 6 times and is aiming for 100.

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