Jweet4444 is a member of OneNation. He has taken part in uNation, White Hot, Laststep, and Megaman. He is also an independent creator and player. He hails from America.


  • uNation
  • White Hot
  • Dr. Finklefraken
  • Forever Cosmos
  • Base Before Base
  • MLG Craze
  • MLG Craze II
  • Wave Challenge
  • Challenge Dorami
  • Cataclysm Wave Buff
  • Retosatcho
  • 21 challenge
  • Megaman Unneeded
  • Pursuit
  • Agony (Upcoming)
  • BP Night (buffed and nerfed) (original by RA7)

    Jweet4444's Part in uNation.


  • Jweet has a YouTube channel named Jweet4444 and an Every play channel named Jweet.
  • Jweet is currently creating a demon level named "Agony". It has the song "Screamroom".
  • Jweet often plays other games like Minecraft PE. He enjoys puzzle and adventure games.
  • Jweet has a dog named Cody IRL
  • Jweet's Best Friend IRL is named Michael.
  • Jweet enjoys murdering 5 year olds in Minecraft.
  • Jweet is in band and choir.
  • Jweet has 3500+ stars and 55 demons
  • Jweet's favorite creator is Krazyman50.

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