Kingdavid3241 is a North American player that has a love for creation and collabing. He has 1600+ stars currently. He is the host and creator of Extreme Torture, and Death Chime Remaster. He made the 4th part in White Hot, and the 2nd part of Pink Donut. He has beaten 19 demons but due to an unknown save file corruption, it reseted his stats, removing 14 stars and 1 demon.

Difficult Levels Edit

  • Death Chime Remaster - A level that is inspired by Bloodbath. Planned to be a regular demon.
  • Extreme Torture - Kingdavid3241's first collab level ever, inspired by Yatagarasu. Yet this time it has more original decoration and gameplay.
  • Last World - A megacollab that's gonna be planned to be the hardest level ever without being outperformed.
  • Ultimate Maximum Medium - Kingdavid's hardest solo level since Death Chime Remaster.

OneNation Edit

Kingdavid3241 had first been a part of OneNation since White Hot started sign ups. It was at the time ZenthicYoshi used to be known as "Sugarlover". He soon became an official member of OneNation. He is a decorator in Pink Donut and LastStep. Since then, he has always been arguably one of the most controversial 1N members. Since his departure from the team he has received hate comments from MarshallSarlie and BBQ saying that they were glad he left. However, he came back, and is not recieving as much hate.

Trivia Edit

  • Kingdavid3241's alias and nicknames are Kingsmith3241, ThePenultimate44 and ZenthicAnagramZ48.
  • King is a mobile player.
  • King had been one of the very first people to be in the White Hot megacollab.
  • King believes in verifying an extreme demon himself, even with the thought it'll take a while to do so.
  • King has played a Geometry Dash since late March 2016.
  • King is the only person in OneNation that made their part the fastest in White Hot, and Pink Donut.
    • For White Hot it was 37 minutes.
    • For Pink Donut it took 23 minutes.
    • For LastStep it took 18 minutes.
      • However, King had to update his part (for LastStep) because there was a speed portal which wasn't supposed to be there, and he forgot to add his name.
  • Kingdavid3241 has been a fast learner about the swingcopter and immediately knew how to control it depending on the taps he had done.
    • If it's odds, then it's going the opposite gravity you were originally in.
    • If it's even, then it's going back to the gravity you were originally in.
  • King had been kicked out of a collab on November 30th because he was compared to another person (Scientedfic) for how good their levels were.
    • Unfortunately King couldn't redeem himself and show them that he deserves the part in the collab.
  • King is actually one of the very few members that invited themselves onto the team without asking for permission from ZenthicYoshi himself.
  • Kingdavid3241 thinks uNation is a near impossible demon.
  • Kings worst fail in GD was 98% Electroman Adventures V2 due to being over confident about how easy the last part was.
    • He jumped accidentally and crashed on a spike ball.
  • King was probably the first OneNation member to reboot one of the collabs of OneNation himself: Upheaval, but later he was demoted for not thinking of ZenthicYoshi's message about Upheaval being rebooted and by popular demand.
  • His new black/red logo was made by Skaper53 but redesigned in color and filter.
  • 2.1 seems to be King's most succesful update while playing Geometry Dash.
  • King changed his name to ZenthicAnagramZ48, however he is still refered as KingDavid.
  • King had beaten Phobos and Heartbeat by Krazyman50 because TeamHaxor had free demon hacked it.

Gallery Edit

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