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LastStep is the third OneNation collab. It will be Clubstep-styled and possibly an Extreme Demon. The level will be verified by SrBeeF.

On November 21st, 2016, LastStep was rebooted entirely due to it dying out without progress being made. Instead of having 3 creators, it now has 13. Currently, the gameplay has been finished and the level is almost entirely done being decorated.


This level is somewhat styled like Clubstep, a Geometry Dash level. Due to this, the gameplay is 1.6 styled. However, the decoration is 2.0/2.1 styled, so there are many differences from Clubstep. Also, the level is known to be way harder then even most remakes.


To be filled out when the level is complete. Some of the parts will be conbined due to how short they can be.


To be filled out.


To be filled out.

Collab Parts

1. LVgaming (Start-0:22)

2. Trainiac (0:22-0:29)

3. Darkwrath32 (0:29-0:37)

4. Sheikah GD (0:37-0:45)

5. ZenthicAnagramZ (0:45-0:48)

6. Jweet4444 (0:48-0:50)

7. LuisLuigi26 (0:50-0:56)

8. Garfield88 (0:56-1:03)

9. Xwings4ever (1:03-1:11)

10. RyanR678 (1:11-1:14)

11. SwayVirus (1:14-1:18)

12. HollowEarth13 (1:18-1:21)

13. ZenthicYoshi (1:21-End)

Order of Decorators

1. ZenthicAnagramZ

2. Darkwrath32

3. Elektrix

4. Trainiac

5. SereZell

6. Kimani

7. Sheikah GD

Decorators: ZenthicAnagramZ, Darkwrath32, Elektrix, SereZell, Kimani, Sheikah GD, Trainiac

Buffers: ZenthicYoshi, ZenthicAnagramZ, Jweet4444

Nerfers: ZenthicAnagramZ, Jweet4444


To be filled out.