LuisLuigi (LuisLuigi26 in game and LuisLuigi GD on forums) is a normal player and creator with over 1200 stars.

In uNation, he had been assigned to part 12 after the original creator had been fired, but ImaSuper had beat him to it.

After this, ZenthicYoshi asked him if he could build part 14. He had accepted the role, but he lost his data and because of this, he resigned from the megacollab.

Currently, he has created part 14 of White Hot and has finished.

Gameplay-wise, he does not play that much after beating over 30 demons, he had given up playing so he could create instead.

Icon Edit

Cube Edit

He uses the 10 user coins mushroom cube.

Ship Edit

He uses the 15 map packs bird ship.

Ball Edit

He uses the 25 map packs hexagon ball.

UFO Edit

He uses the Ultimate Clubstep! perspective UFO.

Wave Edit

He uses the 30 User Coin speed wave.

Robot Edit

He uses the 200 User Coin spartan robot.

Levels Edit

Finished: Edit

  • Electroman Returns

In Progress: Edit

  • Rainbow Ride

Parts in Megacollabs Edit

  • The 14th part in White Hot (Team1N)
  • The 6th part in LastStep (Team1N)
  • The first part in Jackpot (Extigon)
  • The first part in Harmony (ElectroBlaze)

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on December 26.
  • He is half-Filipino, and half-Chinese.
  • His favorite color is cerulean, which is used in his icon.
  • His favorite GD player is TrusTa.
  • On the other hand, his favorite creator is Etzer.
  • He loves ramen.
  • He is addicted with collecting pens.
  • His laptop is terrible and is the reason he lost progress on uNation redux, for it unexpectedly shut down.
  • He used to make icons but has retired.
  • Interestingly, he made the icon that GD Colon is currently using for youtube and wikia.
  • He uses the mushroom icon because he has developed a love for Mario in the past years.
  • His name is LuisLuigi because his first name is Luis, and his favorite character is Luigi, combining the two makes LuisLuigi.
  • Despite a lot of Team 1N disliking Team KYDNXU, he is a part of both teams and thinks all this drama is unnecessary.
  • He had the chance of building part 14 on both megacollabs, but only finished his part in White Hot.
  • The hardest demon he had completed is Nine Circles with over 1500 attempts plus a copyable he lost with 600 attempts.
  • He will re-decorate uNation along with MarshallSarlie and a few others, decorating Electrix, ImaSuper, and Sonic4999's parts.
  • He is planning and thinking to make an extreme demon that is green, unlike the usual "red hell" theme.
  • He is hosting a megacollab named Technology Takeover, featuring a good number of the people from Team 1N. It uses the song "MDK - Super Ultra (Novacore Remix)"
  • He also is having a collab with GD Rogue, having the middle section containing the first drop of the song "DTS - The Edge ft. Lockyn"
  • Eventually, he thinks because of the uNation redux, Team 1N will finally gain some popularity.
  • He thinks White Hot may also need a redux.

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