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Megaman is a OneNation demon collab made by ZenthicYoshi, and then, other people made decorations. This level is supposed to be similar to Electroman Adventures in terms of gameplay and decoration, however, also have a different feel. Currently, it is being verified by many people trying to be first.

Description Edit

The level is like Electroman Adventures, an official level in Geometry Dash, however, it is a bit different. It has new gameplay, even though it tries to stay similar to Electroman Adventures, and the decoration, although styled to Electroman Adventures, is much more colorful.

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Trivia Edit

  • Minh6969 has created a different version of this level with different gameplay and decoration, and dedicated it to ZenthicYoshi. The ID of it is 33498891.
    • This level went on to get thousands of downloads, and at one point was even on the top 25 in trending.
  • ZenthicYoshi originally wanted this level to be a normal collab with Minh6969. However, since many people also wants to participate in it, ZenthicYoshi made it as an official 1N collab.
  • 4 people participated in this collab. These people are ZenthicYoshi, Trainiac, Luisluigi, and Jweet4444. Hotball is verifying.

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