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  • Hi Zey.

    So I see that people are complaining about several stuff. They rage, they beat the cage, they break more rules.

    That's obviously creating problems. On their side.

    What do I see? The 1N Discord is turning into the Krazyman50 Twitch version.

    I remember when Krazy put in about 30 rules. People got mad about it, and they started breaking rules intentionally. Eventually, Krazy reduced it to 1 rule (literally: use common sense). After that, less people broke the rules. Less people challenged it.

    Why are there 25 rules? Granted, one is an amendment, but still. Most of them make sense, but I think they would be better off under certain general rules. Several of them are just plain repeats of others. A couple are unecessary.

    I'll give examples: Use Common Sense. That's a VERY general rule, and at least 10 of the more specific ones come under it. Okay, almost all the rules go under common sense. Do we NEED to specify what common sense is? Not swearing is definitely common sense. No harassing is common sense. Respect. Relevance. Impersonation. Non-rash decisions. Not being a grammar nazi. Just to name several examples. Those ALL go under common sense. So why not just have that? Don't try to dare people to break the rules, because we have people that WILL do it.

    Some are unnecessary. Rule 23 is my favorite example. I get that saying "ok" seems like you don't care, but think on this: why bother replying at all? If that person had no care whatsoever, why would they reply? They are taking time (read: 1 second) to respond. To me, someone responding is better than no response at all... Okay, that was slightly troll logic, but it makes sense. Another example is the impersonation rule. Seriously... NOBODY is following it. Not even you. Not even myself. Not even Trainiac. Granted, they were passed off as jokes, but still. Why is it even there at this point?

    Yeah... you guys want to avoid rule breaking, and I get that, and I completely respect that, but at this point, the rules are so stiff that we have no room to joke around at this point. We're all kinda afraid that a simple word will get us banned.

    I just don't want this turning into another Krazyman50 controversy. It's already starting to happen. Surely we can survive on simpler and lesser rules.

    Yeah, thanks for listening to my long-winded speech. :P


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    Sonic49 closed this thread because:
    The rules have been changed.
    16:32, August 15, 2017
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    • Scientedfic wrote: I wouldn't think so for Darkrai. I see something good in him. He just needs time to let that out.

      but most of us dont, we gave him wayyyyyy too many chances, and guess how many were screwed

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    • And you gave psycho and minh too many chances and psycho only got kicked and minhs is still on the server

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  • Hm... I now notice there are only 2 bureaucrats...

    Can I be the third? <)

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  • Plz can I have an invite to the discord server?

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  • Everyone on the team is inactive, I also don't have the pass for swayvirus's part

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  • Can I add coloured names for our Wikia staff? Ideas:



    Content Moderators

    Discussions Moderators

    Chat Moderators

    Member? Not sure about this one.

    Let me know what you think.

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  • About the decoration situation. People are spending a lot of effort into it, and yet it doesn't count for anything. And people are complaining about this. Either we actually change it straight-away, or we set up a poll to see what people think. It actually seems that you're the only one that is against the decoration thing, and I respect the fact that you're this team's leader, but we should include other people's opinions too.

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    • Hollow, I can see why you say so, but Trainiac and I have talked it over, and I decided to allow it.

      I've honestly been getting really sick of seeing everybody talking about this, seeing as how this is how it's been for a year and nobody's started wanting this until now. Not to mention that people like Darkrai seem to think he can just beg and beg and beg without any consequences.

      I appreciate the fact that you wanted to bring this up, Hollow, but please, if it's OK, I'd like to put this entire thing to rest.

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    • Sure thing, thanks for changing that. Sorry for bothering you.

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    • Oh, it's not your fault, Hollow. You didn't know. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Zey!

    Like the way the team is going now, for the most part.

    However, I am still a bit concerned about this: song choice.

    Okay, so our concept for each megacollab is unique. That's fine. However, what is NOT completely fine is that the songs we use are ABSOLUTELY UNORIGINAL.

    Unity, AtSoL, Clubstep, Electroman Adventures, Sonic Blaster, Betrayal of Fear.

    All of them are/were either overused or used in a famous megacollab.

    Can we use a song that has rarely/never been used? Please? At least for the next megacollab?

    Yeh thanks for listening to my trash. :)

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    Zeyosh closed this thread because:
    18:41, July 2, 2017

    People are actually contributing to the level by decorating.

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  • It's may 11 zey, so where's da freezerburn thread

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  • Senpai Zey, today on the server Train and I discussed a couple of suggestions as to how we could run this collab. If Train has not sent you a Discord PM as to my ideas, I thought I might give them to you now. Here they are:

    1. When a person registers for a part, they must specify if they are in need of deco, and who exactly their decorator will be.

    2. As soon as a person finishes their gameplay, the decorator immediately decorates the part. Granted, the pair of people will have a longer timeframe (3 weeks) to complete the part entirely, but it's worth it. It also will significantly reduce the time taken building the level, which was our downfall with our main collabs (unation.)

    3. The next person to build builds their part on the same level as the previous parts. Because of the second idea I presented, it basically forces phone players to take earlier slots in the level, but it reduces the amount of levels to look after.

    4. Don't register buffers/nerfers at this time. It's best to do it after the entire collab has entered the verification stage.

    5. Because of the decoration rule, there also is no need to register decorators. If too many people want one person to deco their part, then just make them pick another person to do the deed.

    So that's all for my points. Please consider them and reply back as soon as you can.


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