Psychomaniac14 is a player and a creator in GD. He currently has 7225 stars, 148 Secret Coins, 714 User Coins, and 399 Demons. He has created many very hard/extreme Demon-difficulty levels, and has uploaded over 100 levels, but none of them are star-rated because of him being less known.


He hosts collabs/megacollabs very often. He also uploads previews of his best/hard levels. He is also an active user in the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia, Geometry Dash Wiki and Team OneNation Wikia.


  • Space Travel
  • Sonic Blaster (a Nine Circles remake)
  • Sonic Drive
  • UNation (verifier)
  • Haunted World Reboot (upcoming megacollab)
  • Doomsday (originally verified with a secret way)
  • Halloween Circles
  • Fidelity
  • The Duat
  • Multiple unconfirmed extreme demons

Greatest Achievements

  • Sakupen Circles by Nick24 in practice mode without the secret way
  • Sonic Wave by Cyclic, verified by ItzSunix
  • Athanatos by IIIExenityIII and others
  • Bloodbath by many people, verified by Riot
  • Sakupen Hell by Noobas, verified by TrusTa
  • Yatagarasu by GeoStorm, verified by TrusTa


  • He got accused for hacking several times, due to his extremely-hard levels. However, he said that he deleted all of his hacks except for the Object Limit Bypass hack, and said he doesn't hack many times.
  • He is hosting a megacollab called Haunted World Reboot, which is about 20 minutes long, with 18 people participating in it.
  • He said that he will leave GD, but later confirmed that he will not leave the community due to lots of unfinished collabs.
  • On his friend list, he has many famous people including Cool Dash and Cyrillic (2nd account).
  • He is a massive hater of Manix648 as he believes that Manix is the reason that he lost around 5 thousand stars sometime in the second half of May 2016.
  • He has recently decided to change his icon colours to black and orange to commemorate Halloween, and has decided to not change them back.
  • Occasionally, in the Geometry Dash wiki chat or on Discord, he says "Halloween Circles" It is unknown why but some think this might be a hint to the unconfirmed secret project.
    • On the 11th of November he posted a comment to his profile saying "Halloween Circles" proving this to be a work in progress level.
    • Later he posted a video showing the first minute of it. He claims that when it is done, it will be classified as a Silent level.
  • Psychomaniac14 is a much better player than most people think, as he said in one of GirlyDash's streams that Breakthrough by Hinds was easy.
    • He has also beaten every demon on the demons list, leading many people to believe he is hacking.
  • On his birthday (19th November) Psychomaniac14 released a wave challenge named "Fidelity Wave" and earlier he had also messaged a few famous people asking them if they want to collab on a level called Fidelity, what Psychomaniac14 calls a "sequal to Allegiance, a level that shall get the honour of the hardest demon ever"
    • He has also released two preview videos of Fidelity showing the sheer difficulty of it.
  • On the 11th of December, Psychomaniac14 beat Sakupen Circles by Nick24 in practice mode without the secret way in 561 attempts, proving it very much possible
  • Psychomaniac14 is ambidextrous.
  • Psychomaniac14 has Autism and ADHD.
    • The Autism would explain why he has an IQ of well over 150

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