Scientedfic is a good player and creator with just under 5000 stars. He has completed several easy demons, such as Noobaman Adventures, Demon Mix, and Crescendo. He is currently trying to beat The Robotic Rush by Andromeda, Electroman Adven v2 by Neptune, Theory of Clubstep by Rob Buck, Horizon by Motu2, Atlas by Funnygame, Fusion Bolt by Skitten, Clutterfunk v2 by Neptune, and Fractured Galaxy by Xaro and more.

He primarily specializes in creating XL levels.

He is also an administrator for OneNation.

He loves screaming icons, which is why almost all the icons he has scream.

Levels in Progress Edit

Fractured Edit

A level Scientedfic is making; this is meant to take up the whole song. Set to be a hard demon when released.

Afterparty Edit

A solo project. Set to be a medium/hard demon when released.

Dye Mention All Edit

A solo level; this is meant to test the rotation trigger as an effect. May not be released.

uNation Rebirth Edit

A remake of uNation and uNation redux, meant to test the limits of the triggers. Set to be an extreme demon when released.

Boss Room Edit

Meant to be the hardest boss level. Will feature a series of bosses before the final one. Set to be an insane/extreme demon when released.

Town Zero Edit

A megacollab between many people in Blankmediagames Forum along with other creators elsewhere. Set to be an easy demon when released.

Most Notable Demons Edit

  • Hardest Demon Beaten: Frustration by Alkali
  • Most Ambitious Demon to Beat: Hi by Krazyman50 (42%)
  • Current Goal Demon:
    • Nine Circles by Zobros
    • M A N I X by Manix648
    • Supersonic by ZenthicAlpha and more
  • Closest Demon: TBD
  • Worst fail on a Demon: Metal Crusher by GD Jose (97%)
  • Favorite Demon:
    • Hi by Krazyman50
    • Reanimation by Terron
    • Death Corridor by KaoticJumper
    • Theory of Skrillex by Noobas
    • Fractured Galaxy by Xaro and more
  • Favorite Extreme Demon: Sonic Wave by Sunix (Cyclic)
  • Closest Progress on an Extreme Demon: Sonic Wave (15%)
  • Least Favorite Demon:
    • Soulless by Airswipe
    • VeritY by Serponge
    • Sakupen hell by TrusTa

Trivia Edit

  • Scientedfic has played Geometry Dash since March 2016, and has since then gained over 1000 stars.
  • Scientedfic is a member of OneNation. He was also involved in the creation of the team, though he is not really a co-founder.
  • Scientedfic made the account for OneNation. The username is Team1N, owing mostly to space limitation.
  • The members of Team OneNation have been debating on where uNation Original will end up on the Top 50 Hardest Demons for quite some time now. Scientedfic believes that this level is easier than New Supersonic.
  • Scientedfic plays with his middle right finger with the up arrow while holding the right arrow with his ring finger to release tension. He uses a 60 hz laptop.
    • His ring finger seems rather squashed as a result
  • Scientedfic dedicated uNation to TrusTa, and holds TrusTa as his favorite player. However, he also likes Krazyman50.
  • Scientedfic's favorite creators include Alkali, Taman, GD Jose, SirHadoken, and WOOGI1411
  • At one point in Electrodynamix, Scientedfic crashed at a very frustrating 99%. This has prompted him into extreme fury and raging.
    • This is perhaps his worst fail.
    • He almost smashed his laptop in the process.
  • Among his worst fails are:
    • Electrodynamix: 99%
    • Clubstep: 98%
    • Sky Realm: 98%
    • Metal Crusher: 97%
    • Robotic Rush: 95%
    • Electrodynamix v2: 95%
  • Scientedfic self-proclaims himself as a mediator, seeing that he has mediated many arguments
  • Scientedfic does not have an active YouTube channel.
  • Scientedfic tends to be quite slow in building levels. This is because he is quite busy in life, though a part of this may be that he likes to create XL levels.
  • Scientedfic is more of a gameplay creator than a decoration or effects decorator, though he is improving on effects.
  • Scientedfic is an administrator in this wiki.
  • Scientedfic may perhaps be the oldest member in the group.
  • Scientedfic is the owner of the Five Nights at Candy's Wiki.
  • Scientedfic is an international pianist.
  • Scientedfic is typing this right now.
  • Scientedfic somehow likes Steve Buscemi
  • Scientedfic loves exotic butters

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