Infromation Edit

Sonic49 (old username Sonic4999) is a Geometry Dash player that started playing in 1.7 who is not that good due to him only getting serious during 1.9, and even then, he only got on a roll during 2.0 and 2.1. Because of that, he has only beaten 10 demons. He is a meme person, having the Lenny icon, the Mom Get The Camera ship, and the Eye wave. He is part of the 1N team.

Trivia Edit

  • He remade his part unofficially to make BarbecuedRat happy, but deleted it as it still had copy and paste. He is now making a new part.
  • He has a channel called Sonic4999 which is here. He has made a video about uNation, however, he posted a better version on the 1N Youtube channel.
  • He is not as active as his parents have started checking on him more.
  • He is one of the more contraversal people on Team 1N, due to having a history with Rogue and much more.
  • He doesn't play GD as much anymore, however, he knows he will come back to it someday. He still makes collab parts, though.


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