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Welcome to Team OneNation Wiki! Here you will find all sorts of wonderful information about 1N, its members, and their levels! So why are you still reading this? There is so much to discover!


Team staff

Leader: ZenthicYoshi

Second-In-Command: Trainiac

Co-Founders: BarbecuedRat, Darkwrath32, SheikahGD

Administrators: ElectroBlaze, HollowEarth13, Scientedfic, Sonic49, Xwings4ever

Other Members: Antimonic, ChaoticGuy, Elektrix, Hexhammer, hotball1, ImaSuper, Jac1236, Jafi0320, Jweet4444, Korr, LuisLuigi26, Lukecraft2929, LVgaming, Minh6969, Psychomaniac14, RyanR678, SereZell, SrBeeF, SwayVirus, TomorrowX, XDRandy, ZenthicAnagramZ

Former Members: BarbecuedRat, Garfield88, GD Reece, GD Rogue, MaLuckyDay, NitroOfficial, YoshiCreator

Wikia staff

Bureaucrats: Zeyosh (ZenthicYoshi), 3litecandycrusher (Trainiac)

Administrators: Zeyosh, 3litecandycrusher, ElectroBlaze, HollowEarth13, Orangebird763 (Xwings4ever), Scientedfic, Sonic49

Content Moderators: Sonic49 (Also an admin)

Discussions Moderators: EndermanR169 (RyanR678), Sweg Dragon (LVgaming) [possible inactivity]

Chat Moderators: Bfdi is the best (Minh6969), Jweet4444Official (Jweet4444), LuisLuigi GD (LuisLuigi26)

Team levels

Latest Activity

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