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The OneNation Discord is the main method of communication between more active OneNation members.

An example of the OneNation discord.

Who uses it? Edit

Almost everyone on the team. It is recommended to join the server if you are part of the team. To see if you are a part of the team, read here.

However, you do NOT have to be on the team to join the server. Though, it is recommended that you join only if you have an interest about the team, or if you are on the team.

Who owns it? Edit

The Discord is created by ZenthicYoshi and is therefore moderated by him. Trainiac is a co-owner there as well and also helps to moderate it. As long as you follow the rules that are seen in the #rules channel, you will be good to go.

How can I join the Discord? Edit

There are several steps you must take to enter the new server.

  1. Make a Discord account, it requires an email and a password. MAKE SURE YOUR PASSWORD IS STRONG AND YOUR EMAIL HAS BEEN VERIFIED.
  2. (Optional, but recommended) Enable Two-Factor Authentication. This requires both a phone and a computer. You use your phone to scan a QR code, and then you must download Google Authenticator. With this enabled, you must use a 6-digit code as well as your password to login to your account at new places.
  3. Send a Discord DM to any of these people (it is recommended to friend all of these people as well.) In the message, tell us who you are (wikia name, GD IGN, etc.)
    1. EndermanR169#7563 (RyanR678)
    2. {1n} VirusMan#6313 (SwayVirus)
    3. Scott#9291 (Elektrix)
    4. Zey#7321 (ZenthicYoshi, usually offline)
    5. Trainiac#6261 (Trainiac, or 3litecandycrusher)
    6. {-1N} Sonic49#0530 (Sonic49, Sonic4999, or Sonikku)
  4. Upon verifying your identity, you will be presented with a server invite link. Once in the server, you should read the rules before posting.

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