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Team OneNation is a group of Geometry Dash players which have participated in at least one collab with the the team's founder.

Team OneNation is currently working on seven collabs, with one being done, however, only 4 are truely being worked on right now:

  • uNation: an XL Demon level made by 18 people, with no special theme. Being redecorated.
  • White Hot: another XL Demon made by 26 people, with a hell theme. Not too much interest, so not many people are working on it, however, it is far from frozen.
  • LastStep: a long Demon level that is themed like Clubstep. Is being bugfixed.
  • Upheavala long Demon level which uses the song At the Speed of Light, themed to Cataclysm. No progress for a while, and may be canceled.
  • Pink Donut: a long Demon level which is a remake of the level Sonic Wave. Currently being rethought as a whole different level.
  • Megaman: a long Demon level that uses the 1.6 style, being similar to Electroman Adventures but harder. Completed.
  • Freezerburn: a long Demon level which has a theme of fire and ice. Meant to celebrate OneNation's first anniversary. Currently being built.
  • Revelation: a long Demon level that also has no special theme, but is a collab with Team Xor. Is frozen.