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uNation Redux is a remake of OneNation's Geometry Dash XL demon uNation. As with uNation, it is a theme mix, however, every single part in the level is being remade, complete with new decoration, buffs, nerfs, and some new gameplay. It is said to be rated once it is finished and verified.


This level is mostly a theme mix, incorporating almost every theme known in Geometry Dash. These include: Industrial, Geometrical Dominator, Deadlocked, Forest, Hell/Bloodbath, Neon, and others. The level takes up the entire song, at four minutes and ten seconds. Another large reason this level is so hard is because there are many parts that require straight flying and also some parts require rapid tapping. And now with the buffs, there is even more to worry about.


The gameplay is almost the same as uNation, but some new things have been made. When the level is finished, the author(s) of this article will put up each part, and describe their changes.




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