EEEHHHH, welcome to the laugh meme and stuff.

Here, I'm going to put up some stuff and all. Ye, laugh if you want, but whatever.

Breaking News!

The South Korean President is now in disgrace! She has been caught giving someone outside of her officials money in exchange for help. This may prove more devastating than Watergate. Stay tuned for more info.

Scientedfic may be the oldest member in this group. Unless someone can prove that they are in college, he's the oldest.

Election is coming near! It's great and all.

OneNation News?

White Hot is still going on, albeit at a VERY slow pace.

The 5th collab might not be a demon, as proposed by Scientedfic.

The 4th collab has been (most likely) confirmed to be A Strange Phantasm.

Scientedfic is now revealing that he will make a face reveal soon.

On Entertainment

Much drama? So far, yes. We are still expecting the reconciliation of Psychomaniac14 and Kasoku. Will they ever come back together? Or will they remain broken? More on that later!

ZEYOSH LEAVING ONENATION??? Nah fam. Sary did try to do that, but Zeyosh isn't taking it. Will Sary manipulate the whole team into nothingness? Or will Kasoku's efforts prove helpful? Stay tuned.

Exotic Butters proving to be a hit! How long will Exotic Butters remain? Or will it be replaced by the ever-growing Fresh Bread?