Eehhhh, welcome to the 3rd edition of The Daily Exotic Butter again. Probably not so daily anymore, but whatever (reads in Bugs Bunny voice).

Breaking News

  • Chicago Cubs won the World Series! I'm actually a bit happy.
  • Elections are coming up! Who do you side with?
  • Scientedfic finally found Aftertale. He is also making a new AU called Partytale.

1N News

  • Megaman9 reviewed our level, and to say the least, he destroyed the level. In the bad sense.
  • Scientedfic wishes to be a reviewer of the collabs.
  • Many people are dishearted after seeing Megaman's review. However, I can tell that things could have gone WAY worse. Kimani could've reviewed it and called it trash. ZenthicAlpha... would've been a bit kinder. If Riot was still here, he would certainly trash it. But, point is, we need to do better.


  • Will 1N recover after the withering and fatal blow from the famous maker Megaman9? Stay tuned to find out.
  • Exotic Butters is a meme! Will it become a famous one? Let us see.
  • Warning! Drama levels dropping.

Eehhh, stayed tuned for the next one (reads in Bugs Bunny voice again).