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White Hot is a ultracollab featuring 26 creators. It is being hosted by ZenthicYoshi. The song used is "At the Speed of Light" by Dimrain47.


This level takes on a hell theme, like a lot of levels, however, instead of using red, it uses white. There are still bits of red, however. The level takes up the whole song, like most OneNation collabs. This level has even more objects then the released version of uNation while it was still unfinished, mostly because more people decorated their own parts. The level is also harder then uNation, for many reasons.


Will be filled out once the level is complete.


To be added.


To be added.


1: Extigon (0:00-0:06)

2: RyanR678* (0:06-0:14)

3: xTextik (0:14-0:20)

4: ZenthicAnagramZ (0:20-0:27)

5: xBlacklightX (0:27-0:33)

6: XDRandy (0:33-0:39)

7: Jweet4444 (0:39-0:56)

8: HollowEarth13 (0:56-1:14)

9: Trainiac (1:14-1:26)

10: Psychomaniac14 (1:26-1:38)

11: Korr (1:38-1:50)

12: SheikahGD (1:50-2:01)

13: Garfield88 (2:01-2:14)

14: LuisLuigi26 (2:14-2:25)

15: ElectroBlaze* (2:25-2:31)

16: NitroOfficial (2:31-2:40)

17: Sonic49 (2:40-2:50)

18: AeroCosmic (2:50-3:01)

19: DarkLion (3:01-3:07)

20: SereZell (3:07-3:19)

21: BarbecuedRat (3:19-3:26)

22: LVgaming (3:26-3:33)

23: GD Reece (3:33-3:39)

24: Darkwrath32 (3:39-3:51)

25: SwayVirus (3:51-4:02)

26: ZenthicYoshi* (4:02-4:03)

Verification race participants: xTextik, Trainiac, SheikahGD, Psychomaniac14, ImaSuper, NitroOfficial

Decorators: Sheikah GD, N2O, Darkwrath32, LuisLuigi26, Xwings4ever

Record completion time: ZenthicAnagramZ (37 minutes)

Nerfers: Scientedfic, IAMDeadlocked

Buffers: Psychomaniac14, ZenthicYoshi, Scientedfic, IAMDeadlocked


To be added.

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