XxHellDignity is a North American player that has a love for creating and collabing. He has 2000+ stars currently. He is the host of a few collabs, and a decorator in Pink Donut and LastStep. He made the 4th part in White Hot, and the 17th part in Freezerburn. He has beaten 23 demons.

Works In Progress and Best Works

  • Death Chime Remaster - A level that was inspired by Bloodbath and Cataclysm with a little more uniqueness.
  • Ultimate Maximum Medium - XxHellDignityxX's hardest solo level since Death Chime Remaster. currently being updated into a harder and much more detailed version.
  • I Cant Fix You - A 4 minute long easy demon collab by XxHellDignityxX and others, currently being developed
  • WaVeLength - A level that's to challenge levels like Nine Circles.
  • Project H.B. - A level which name is not publicized, planned to challenge levels like The Ultimate Phase.


XxHellDignityxX had first been a part of OneNation since White Hot started sign-ups. It was at the time ZenthicYoshi used to be known as "Sugarlover". He soon became an official member of OneNation, later involving with a few of the team's collabs.


  • XxHellDignityxX's aliases and nicknames are Kingdavid3241, ThePenultimate44 and ZenthicAnagramZ48.
  • XxHellDignityxX is a mobile player.
  • He was one of the very first people to be in the White Hot megacollab.
  • XxHellDignityxX has played Geometry Dash since late March 2016.
  • He is the only person in OneNation that made their part the fastest in White Hot, Pink Donut, LastStep and Freezerburn. Each part taken around 20 to 40 minutes to finish.
  • XxHellDignityxX is one of the very few members that invited themselves onto the team without asking for permission from ZenthicYoshi himself.
  • His worst fail in GD was 98% Electroman Adventures V2 due to being over confident about how easy the last part was.
    • He jumped accidentally and crashed on a spike ball.
  • XxHellDignityxX's orginal blue/red logo was made by ImLenni
  • XxHellDignityxX's black/red logo was made by Skaper53 but redesigned in color and filter.
  • 2.1 has proven to be XxHellDignityxX's most successful update while playing Geometry Dash.
  • XxHellDignity has beaten Phobos and Heartbeat by Krazyman50 because TeamHaxor hacked the levels to be free demons.