ZenthicYoshi is a Geometry Dash player and creator. He is known for directing 1N's collabs (because he is the leader) and making near-impossible parts in 1N collabs.

As of May 11, 2016, Yoshi began hosting uNation, his first ultracollab. This took months, and even to this day, is still being decorated by 1N.

ZenthicYoshi has beaten a plethora of demons on 60hz, with his most notable achievements being Jawbreaker, New Theory of FirePower, and ToE II v2.

Yoshi has quit GD on January 21, 2017, but came back within 36 hours.


  • Upcoming Levels
    • uNation (ultracollab of 18 creators)
    • White Hot (ultracollab of 26 creators)
    • LastStep (megacollab of 13 creators)
    • Upheaveal
    • Pink Donut
    • Megaman


  • ZenthicYoshi's nicknames are Zeyosh, Zey, and Yoshi.
  • Like most OneNation members, ZenthicYoshi considers uNation to be an extreme demon.
  • On September 10, 2016, ZenthicYoshi announced that he was unallowed to visit this wiki on weeknights due to his grades in school slipping.
  • Yoshi is a mobile user.
  • Yoshi avatar was made by Unrelenting GD.
  • Yoshi thinks that Psychomaniac14 and GD Rogue hacked uNation, due to them both beating it suspiciously quickly as well as having no video evidence.
  • Similarly to Zobros, his favorite GD YouTuber, ZenthicYoshi plays osu! and Super Mario Maker, and makes hard levels on the latter as well.
  • ZenthicYoshi claimed the final coin in White Hot (99%), which can be obtained simply by holding down at exactly the right time.
  • The level uNation got its name from the song itself, "Unity", and the fact that different players' skills and styles were being united into one "nation".
  • ZenthicYoshi is the leader of Team 1N.
  • ZenthicYoshi has quit GD in the past due to his GD account getting hacked by BloodBather334. His name was changed, his friends were blocked, and his stats were lost. However, Yoshi returned within mere hours due to withdrawal and rebeat the vast majority of his hardest demons within days.